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Does this sound familiar?

You've worked hard to get where you are. You're proud of what you've achieved and you wouldn't change a darn thing about that journey. But even the most positive, career-satisfied women may be forgiven for asking: 

But what if there was more?

More everything. More from yourself physically, mentally and as a human being. Let me explain.


I felt this way just before the birth of my second child. I'd kicked some wild goals at work and life was good. My husband and I were earning good money and I had the respect and support of talented people within my organisation. There was just one thing: the pace of life I was experiencing was so frenetic, I wondered how on earth I would keep it up.

Physically I was struggling, as many of us do in our pregnancies (particularly second and subsequent pregnancies) . A low iron count, a full-time workload and trying to keep up with an active two-year-old had depleted me and the joy that I'd experienced in my first pregnancy was eluding me. I needed energy and I needed it badly. 

After searching for some work and pregnancy-friendly food options, a friend recommended 'Complete' - a JuicePlus+ protein-based powder. I remember asking myself: "Why on earth would I put something into my body that I couldn't consume when pregnant?". I was so taken by the product that I jumped on their premium capsule supplements.

Why on earth would I put something into my body that I couldn’t consume when pregnant?

I immediately noticed an enormous difference to my energy, and, with three months to go until the birth, I felt restored. I also felt hugely relieved as I was able to rebalance my work and family, and actually enjoy the third trimester of my pregnancy.


"I immediately noticed an enormous difference to my energy."



It was after this that I was offered the opportunity to join the business. I was not only impressed by the products and the impact that they had made on my life, but by the people and culture of the enterprise. This really resonated with me as a senior leader in a large organisation as culture has always been a key strategy behind how I ignite team performance.

I found myself with the unique opportunity to use my leadership skills to build a team of people around me. We are absolutely passionate about coaching others to lead a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle and enjoy a healthier way of living. Together with my team, I am driven to be of service to as many like-minded, strong women as possible to inspire as many people as we can to be better versions of themselves. It's an avenue that I just don't get to pursue in a corporate environment.


A common question we get asked is: "but isn't this a pyramid scheme, and aren't pyramid schemes illegal?" It's a great question, and I asked this very same question myself. 

The answer is no, it's multi-level marketing, which is different. It simply relies on two fundamental shifts to the marketing mix that vary from most traditional companies: a different type of sales force and a different method of marketing. Instead of spending literally millions of dollars on traditional forms of advertising to spread the word about their products and build trust, MLM companies do this via investing in a sales force of brand ambassadors who are empowered to do their own marketing and sell the product (household brands such as Tupperware and Thermomix have been doing this for years). 


Once I was clear on the business model, I dug a little deeper about the organisation.

What I found out impressed me, and these three things resonated most:

  1. They've been around for almost 50 years, and have been producing their 'flagship' capsule supplements for 25 years

  2. Their commitment to elevating levels of health, simply and effectively, has been studied in almost 30 medical journals

  3. They are passionate about improving the health of Aboriginal Children through education and improved nutrition. Having spent time in the Northern Territory working with Aboriginal communities, this is an area that is close to my heart. 


"I was not only impressed by the products and the impact that they had made on my life, but by the people and culture of the enterprise."



It was around this time when I saw a quote that really resonated with me: 

Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.
— unknown

I asked myself: what do I want most in this world? Was it money? Our family have all that we need and both my husband and I earned a good salary. It wasn't that. 

Was it status? Again, no. I'd been lucky enough to have a career trajectory that enabled me to rise to positions of leadership within on of Australia's largest and best-known companies. It wasn't that either. 

With the benefit of my maternity leave to provide some clarity, I realised that it was a legacy. I want to make an impact to women and communities beyond what my immediate realm of people and influence could provide. And I was moved to build something on my own terms that would allow me to do this. 


My next question was: how much of my time would I need to devote to this in order to succeed? Although I was about to go on parental leave, when I returned to work my load would be right back up at where it was, if not more. The last thing I wanted was to add to my already loaded plate!

I asked around other people in the business, and did my homework. While some people devoted as much time as they have available to them (which for some was as much as 6-8 hours per day) most said around a dedicated 30 mins per day. After working with the business for almost 12 months now, this amount of time is spot-on. Just 30 minutes a day to drive the sort of traction you need to really hum along.  

Just 30 minutes per day to get the sort of traction you need...

SO I jumped right in

And I haven't looked back. The very best thing about this is that I get to share my success with a team of like-minded, committed and heart-driven professionals. Each of us has our own area of expertise - we've got teachers, physiotherapists, senior leaders in the defence force - and we are professionals from such varied and interesting backgrounds.

But we all share a core mission - to spread a wholesome approach to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle and a healthier way of living, and a burning desire to be of service to others. We call it The Wholesome Movement.


"We all share a core mission - to spread a wholesome approach to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle and a healthier way of living, and a burning desire to be of service to others."




What if this opportunity could change your life? What if it could provide a clear pathway that would allow you to provide real impact to other people?

Imagine being connected with a powerful network of women who are changing how professional people balance career, health and wellbeing. Would you reach out today?

Why not, there's absolutely nothing to lose. We'd love to chat about working together; we can't wait to hear from you.