Introduction to self-leadership

We’re about to embark on a journey of growth and learning by connecting in on our emotional intelligence towards a goal of helping you realise your purpose. As you’ll learn in the coming weeks, purpose is one of the most powerful indicators of happiness and fulfilment in life.

But first, let's take a moment to unpick what self-leadership means. I refer to it constantly, but it is a term that can be misunderstood. Essentially, self-leadership empowers you to live with intention, influence and impact, and be effective and confident on your journey.

It all starts with being self-aware. It means you know exactly who you are and what you’re about—your strengths, your weaknesses, your passions—and what direction you want to go in with your own special blend of goodness.

Self-leadership also means that not only do you know where you want to go, you also have the emotional and behavioural tools to help you get there. And the next four weeks will be jam-packed with opportunity, inspiration and practical tools to help you start living your best, purpose-driven life.

Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.
— Rumi

Why ‘Real’?

I created a framework to help apply (with intention) the concept of self-leadership in my everyday life by breaking down its key elements to fit into one powerful four-letter word. REAL.

‘R’ is for RECOGNISE

To achieve self-leadership, you need to operate from a conscious state of mind, recognising your responses to people and situations.


The ability to empathise plays a huge role in most people’s purpose, thus is crucial to self-leadership.

‘A’ is for ACT

Questioning yourself and the world daily and taking the time to act accordingly will propel you forward. Curiosity and action are vital to self-leadership.

‘L’ is for LEARN

Investing in your own development and lifelong learning is a huge factor in finding, and living, your purpose.

How does the self-leadership program work?

The program is broken into four weekly chapters with related tasks for you to complete that week.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be covering together:

  • Week 1: What the heck is purpose?

  • Week 2: 5 steps to connect with your purpose

  • Week 3: The relationship between action and purpose

  • Week 4: Driving purpose through giving

You’ll receive a weekly email with all the information you need to get started on your module, plus bonus information on that week’s topic in the Real Program FB group.

Let’s get started!

We’ve got a jam-packed few weeks ahead. We’ll be busy connecting, learning, growing, challenging ourselves, sweating (yep … get ready to feel that burn from all our workouts in the exercise plan!) and gorging on healthy, delicious meals for the whole family. It’s going to be so rewarding.

But before we launch into the first week, we’ve got a series of tasks to complete that will act as a bit of a measuring stick for where you currently are, and where you want to be. We’ll come back to these tasks at the very end of the program to see how far you’ve come.

Activity 1 (6).png

Connecting with your purpose

Answer this question, you don’t have to share this with anyone.

Do you live with conscious connection to your purpose?


Activity 2.png

Personality test

We’re going to kick it off with a personality test. Super simple, and also important to remember that, like many of these assessments, the results aren’t a concrete definition of ‘you’, but they are useful because they help us identify some of our likes and dislikes and dominant traits. These are the sorts of things that come into play when deciding on the best way to approach some of the tasks.

Jump over here to complete a quick 5 minute survey.

Activity 3.png


We’ll be going deep deep deep into goal-setting territory in this program, but before we do that, I’d like you to write down 2-3 (or more!) goals you have right now that you would like to achieve in this program. Think about what is driving you to take this step and commit to this program. Perhaps it’s career or health/exercise related, or perhaps it’s about uncovering more meaning in your life.

Ok, so I’ve run through this week’s tasks, if you have any questions or anything on the task list really throws you, please, let me know! I’m here for that exact reason—to support all of you through this journey.

I’m so excited to get in to all the nitty gritty purpose stuff next week with you.