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There is something about the warmer weather, the feel of sunshine on bare skin and the thought of cooling off in refreshing salt (or pool) water that makes us revel in the summer months.

This is the season to make the most of the outdoors, to take advantage of easy barbeques with friends, to create fresh salads bursting with colour and flavour, and to indulge in all of the delicious fruit on offer (that are budget-friendly this time of year, too!) 

Your meal plan is flexible—have a look at the recipes on offer and simply choose the ones that work best for you. We’ll be adding more recipes throughout the month, so stay tuned.



My breakfast menu is designed to be fresh, vibrant and accessible for the family. I love batching up a few chia jars and a bunch of quinoa along with my yummy oats on the weekends so that, come Monday, all of my ingredients are prepped and ready to go.

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Now, as much as I love a fresh salad I also know that we don’t always have time to prepare these each day. Often, I’ll make one of these salads for my boys and Scott for dinner and we double or even sometimes triple the recipe so that we can have them for dinner and lunch the next day too. If you do this, just hold the dressing in a separate jar and add to your salad when you sit down to eat.

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Oh dinner how I love thee! Everyone has a different body clock and feels the hunger pangs at different times of day. For me, dinner is a celebration of a day well spent and a way to slow down with the family and chat about our highs and lows. My recipes are designed to be shared with the family (and to be gobbled up with grins!). You will probably notice I have included a number of vegetarian options—I’m not quite a vegetarian but I’m definitely on my way. If you feel like you need more meat in your diet, you can always add in grilled protein like steak or chicken to accompany the salads.

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From time to time we just need a little something between meals. I love preparing something light and tasty that the boys and I can all enjoy. These are some of my absolute favourites.