Buddha bowl

We’ve designed our Summer menu to make the most of all of this, and really pay tribute to the benefits of this easy, breezy season.

For example, if you have guests coming over, they will love the Prawn and Noodle Salad or BBQ Lamb with Haloumi & Eggplant Salad - both crowd favourites.

As a bonus, we’ve also tried to ensure your meals work harder and go further, that’s why the Greek Feast works double time, with the leftovers being turned into lunch for the whole family to savour the following day. Because I think we can all agree that while cooking in the kitchen can be rewarding, a day spent with family at the beach is what summer memories are made of. 

When it comes to lunch time, you’ll be the envy of the office with our variety of tasty salads that will keep you full so you don’t fall victim to the dreaded 3pm slump. I’ve included some vegetarian and budget-friendly proteins to mix up your week, the Asian tahini slaw will be a definite hit.  

We’ve also factored in that, thanks to the warmer temperatures and fact that it’s still light outside after work, it’s likely you’ll be more physically active. That’s why we’ve placed an emphasis on dinners that are quick and easy to prepare and that will leave you feeling light but satisfied. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about dessert! We’ve made sure to take full advantage of the yummy seasonal fruits, which are the perfect (healthy) treat at the end of the week.  

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A few tips to keep in mind

Parts of dinner can be used in the lunch recipe for the following day or feel free to just cook an extra dinner portion to take with you to work on on-the-go.

Spend time planning your meals for the week and if you are time poor, do as much of the prep or chopping of salads or veggies on Sunday as possible so you can easily pull dinner together after work.

Remember that when you follow recipes, the first time will always take you a little longer. When you make it again for the second or third time, you will find that it takes much less time and mental effort and you will know exactly what can be done in advance to reduce your cooking time.