A community that inspires, mentors and celebrates purpose-driven women.

Self-leadership, nutrition and fitness programs and events that connect women in search of a happier, more fulfilling life.



A pathway back to passion and purpose.


Be your own catalyst for change

Do you want more? I’ll help you find it… but you need to take the first step. There’s a whole community of like minded women just waiting to support you.

With education comes growth

My self-leadership program, health retreats, workshops and supporting articles and podcasts will arm you with everything you need to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

A purposeful community

We’re a community of women of all ages, from all walks of life, who are here to connect, inspire and support one another in our search for life’s new purpose.

Now is your time

I get it, the juggle is real and between work and family, there’s next to no time for yourself. But you are worthy, you are enough, and now’s your time to shine. Take the leap.

Khara Williams

Join the 4 week Real Program

Realign your life with my 4 week Real Program, launching 1 February. Join the community and take one small step per day to reignite the passion and purpose in your life.

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Your new chapter begins now, with my online self-leadership program.

‘Self-leadership’ – sounds good right? I could throw all manner of cliches at you (be the master of your own destiny and all that), but all I really want to do is help you take control of your life. The online program’s step-by-step guide will give you the tools you need to align your work and lifestyle goals, backed by leadership, nutrition and exercise tips along the way.

My four week freebie program begins February 2019.

Step out of the day-to-day and find your tomorrow

Lost your spark? Between the school run, the 9-5 and the dinnertime dash, it’s easy to see how. My workshops and health retreats are designed to reignite your professional path.

Your self-leadership tool kit

Dip in and out anytime you need a boost thanks to my blog, podcasts, videos, Instagram and, of course, my Real Program community.



This high-performing leader, businesswoman and mum knows how to lead, inspire and secure top results. 




Consider this blog your behind the scenes look into my life – what does my daily routine involve? What’s my exercise routine? What do I eat for breakfast? And where can I get the recipe for that? How did I find the drive to climb the corporate ladder? And who has inspired me along the way?

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Listen up! Get your next dose of inspiration by tuning into my interviews with a whole crowd of legends who have been there, found their purpose, and are ready to help you find yours today.

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How about a healthy dose of nutrition and inspiration served up in one brilliant video? I’ve got your back with a series of interview-based videos with purpose-driven people, while sharing some of my favourite recipes along the way. Because healthy mind, healthy body.

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